In a relationship? EmaChat is a virtual room for romantic couples. It's personal, secure & privacy-focused.

Private messenger just for you two!

Just for two

Your partner & you possess complete privacy in a world of your own. You can give and receive complete attention with each other, away from others.

Live Chatting

For complete transparency between two to build trust and to avoid any hesitation in sharing with your partner, EmaChat shows each and every letter as it is being typed

Smart Video call

This feature was developed to strengthen your bond. Research shows that video calling & Chat simultaneously helps to establish more personal and trusting relationships, understand conversation better, streamline collaboration and improve communication.

Built-in Protection

No data storage, Deletion by default, Peer-to-peer video calls, End-to-end encrypted.


For maximum privacy, you can delete all messages with a single left swipe.
Other messaging apps vs EmaChat
Subject Other messaging apps EmaChat
Purpose Other Messaging apps are for friends, family, businesses and more- for all people and all purposes. EmaChat is meant only for you and your partner for romantic and intimate conversations.
Partner’s attention Your partner has to wait for you to type out an entire message which means they lose attention in the intervals. Your partner can see each & every word while you type. You can be guaranteed their undivided attention.
Interruptions during Video calls You will have to ask your partner to mute the video call verbally. You can not completely mute their audio, even if you decrease the sound. On EmaChat, Video Calls are muted by default. When you want your partner to be audible, just turn on the call’s sound with a single click.
Hiding video calls If you need to hide the video call, you have to hang up. There is no alternative. Just double tap the screen to enable or disable the visibility of your partner’s video.
Deleting Chats Other messaging apps are used for all other kinds of conversation. In the midst of it all, if we send personal or intimate messages, it's difficult to select those messages one by one and delete them. With EmaChat, you can simply swipe left and delete all the chats. It provides a safe space, especially for your intimate conversations.
Watching Videos Together In other apps, you have to share the screen to watch videos together. But on mobile, you can see each other while watching videos. In EmaChat you can chat, video call, and watch videos together simultaneously. You can also watch your partner’s reactions live.
Filmy Feeling Since these apps are designed for everyone, there is no special atmosphere when you communicate with your girlfriend or boyfriend. In EmaChat, you can play background music while listening to your partner, chatting and looking at each other. It creates a romantic environment.
Privacy & Security Messages are stored on the app’s database. Video calls also generally involve a third-party server. EmaChat does not store messages. Swipe left or close the app and reload to permanently delete all chats. Video Calls are done through peer-to-peer technology, canceling the need for a server in the middle.

Our mission

EmaChat’s mission is to create a separate private space for two; to build a world that belongs to just them. We want to foster their special connection, no matter the distance.