In a relationship? EmaChat is a virtual room for romantic couples. It's personal, secure & privacy-focused.

How are our users experiencing high-end security? Users' security is our PPD— Purpose, Priority & Determination. So, In EmaChat, all data, messages and photos are transmitted directly from your device to your partner's.
Once transferred, everything is instantly deleted from EmaChat's database, and is only temporarily visible to both devices. When one of you swipes left, the data gets deleted forever. As you know, deletion is our default option.
How does EmaChat ensure the highest level of security in video calling? EmaChat uses End-to-End Encryption. The video call feature uses the peer-to-peer technology WebRTC, which means, there is no server in the middle. Your video is directly transferred to your partner's device and vice versa.
Why does Emachat never store data? What breaks a beautiful bond between two people is the feeling of stagnation- the lack of newness, as well as holding on to previous mistakes and unhappy memories. Through EmaChat, our users experience a peaceful and private space where two people can simply enjoy the present. We are devoting ourselves to creating a place where you two can just live in the moment and see where the future takes you.
What is End-to-End Encryption? Your data is encrypted in key pairs which are generated from your partner’s device. That means no one in the middle can decrypt the data except your partner. Once your data is transferred to your partner’s device, it is instantly deleted from EmaChat & is temporarily visible only on both your devices. When one of you just swipes left, all the data immediately gets deleted permanently.
How to use EmaChat? EmaChat has a user-friendly interface, which allows you to navigate through its functions and features with ease. For detailed aid to use a specific feature we offer, click here.
Why EmaChat? Apart from complete privacy and a feeling of belongingness and peace, EmaChat also offers unique features that can not be found in any other private messaging app. EmaChat is reliable, innovative, secure, and most importantly, completely dedicated to providing a service that people could enjoy in their own comfortable space.