In a relationship? EmaChat is a virtual room for romantic couples. It's personal, secure & privacy-focused.

How is EmaChat different?
How is EmaChat different? A separate app for 2

EmaChat Other apps are made to connect professionals, relatives, friends and people with different connections. However, EmaChat is strictly limited to romantic couples to enhance their time alone.
EmaChat offers a separate private world for them to be away from others’ interruptions.

Live Typing

With Emachat, you can see every letter being typed in real-time, one by one. This is as close as it gets to reading your partner’s mind!
Live typing prevents any distractions in the middle of conversations and helps partners give and receive each other’s undivided attention.

Smart Video Calls

While video-calling on other apps, when you wish to convey something romantic, intimate or funny, you will have to whisper; or switch to the Chat screen which hides your partner’s full video or pauses yours at times.
We, at Emachat, understand how frustrating that can be. So, our interface allows users to simultaneously video call and text on the very same screen.
Moreover, we have developed the video call’s audio to be muted. EmaChat’s Muted Video Call (MVC) feature is designed perfectly for intimate nighttime conversations.

By-Default Deletion

Other messaging apps are used for all other kinds of conversation. In the midst of it all, personal or intimate messages are hard to pinpoint and delete when the need arises.
That's why on EmaChat, you can simply swipe left and delete all the chats. It provides the safest possible space for intimate conversations.

TV & Music together

Don’t look for a separate app or site for a particular purpose like screen sharing! On EmaChat, select any language and any type of content to play and watch, or music to listen to together. You can even copy-paste YouTube links to watch them together.
Meanwhile, users can Video Call or even Text their partner to discuss what they’re watching or just look at their expressions!
On the desktop version of EmaChat, you can screen share, video call and message each other at the same time.

Privacy and Security

EmaChat is dedicated to users’ privacy, especially in the context of a deeply personal relationship, special to individuals. Users’ data is completely safe and EmaChat does not interfere in any case.
This is why it stores no data and boasts features such as By-Default-Deletion with a single left swipe, End-to-End Encryption between two devices, and Peer-to-Peer Video calls without a mediating server.

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