In a relationship? EmaChat is a virtual room for romantic couples. It's personal, secure & privacy-focused.

Words from EmaChat's Users
Words from EmaChat's Users A separate app for 2?

When I texted my girlfriend on other messaging apps, my phone blew up with notifications from employees, family members and friends who noticed my activity status.
But since EmaChat is just for the two of us, I can spend uninterrupted time with my partner.

How does Live typing help me?

When my partner and I used other messaging apps, I would get distracted by others' messages when she typed.
But with Emachat, I can see every letter being typed in real-time. This way, we can get each other's undivided attention.

How does Smart video call on EmaChat help me?

While video-calling on other apps, you will have to whisper or switch to the Chat screen which hides your partner’s full video or pauses yours.
By default, the video call’s sound is muted on EmaChat. This way, EmaChat is designed perfectly for intimate nighttime conversations.

How does By-Default Deletion help me?

Other messaging apps are used for all other kinds of conversation. In the midst of it all, personal or intimate messages are hard to pinpoint and delete.
That's why on EmaChat, you can simply swipe left and delete all the chats. It provides a safe space for our intimate conversations.

Watching TV & Listening to Music together?

If you want to watch videos together, apps like Google Meet, Zoom and Cisco are impersonal and outdated.
In EmaChat there is an option to watch anything from Youtube while Video Calling. You can also text on the same screen. With this, you understand every expression of your partner.

Privacy and Security

EmaChat does not save messages. When I send a message to my partner, it's only temporarily visible. The data vanishes when one of us swipes left or reopens the app.
EmaChat uses end-to-end encryption. It means only your partner’s device can decrypt your data. The Privacy & Security on EmaChat is unbeatable.

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